November 2023

Welcome to the November edition of the Ardán Underground! With the holiday season upon us, the Marcom Team would like to express our gratitude to each of you for your partnership, collaboration, and support throughout 2023. We are working on some great creative projects with more to come in 2024. So without further ado, let’s dive into our latest marketing update.

A Night Among the Stars at FLTA

Westcor’s A-list Agent Appreciation Event at FLTA was a blast! We helped roll out the red carpet for Florida agents at Madame Tussaud’s in Orlando for a very special night among the stars. Here are some photos from the event!

Westcor Regional Web Pages

Check out this exciting update! We’ve been working closely with Westcor’s regional managers to create web pages featuring each of their teams. We are collaborating to wrap up this project together soon. Stay tuned for the official launch!

Thankful Thursdays (November Social Campaign)

Across all the Ardán brands in November, we’re focusing on messages of gratitude on social media. We kicked things off on Westcor socials with special Thankful Thursday messages, plus some fun holiday-themed content.

Gratitude (November Social Campaign)

On social this month, the X1 team is sharing gratitude for all the people and technology that make X1 Analytics possible. Together, they are creating a better future with the new ways of title. Follow along on LinkedIn to keep up with all things X1.

GridBase Demo Videos

The Marcom Team is working on helping people plug into the Grid by creating professional demo videos. These in-depth demos highlight GridBase’s cool features and how to use them. Most importantly, we’re showing how GridBase integrations can help users save time, money, and effort in a matter of seconds.

Rocking Industry Events in 2024

2023 only scratched the surface on events the Grid team is taking by storm. We’re helping them prepare for upcoming events, conferences, and more on the schedule for 2024. These opportunities are a great way to network and highlight Grid’s products and services (plus, we get to bust out our bubblegum-blowing friend Benjamin Franklin.)

A New Look for the eAgency Website

We’re collaborating with the Grid team on a website redesign for eAgency. This new look will be clean, simple, and modern while highlighting eAgency’s key selling points. The project and designing process are underway, so be on the lookout for our next progress update soon.

At Home with AgentHome (November Social Campaign)

On theme for November, AgentHome is focusing on what it means to be grateful for the home you have, especially as a business owner. Being “at home” is all about being comfortable and free to do what you want, which is what AgentHome offers title agencies. Check out the posts on LinkedIn and follow for more creative campaigns.

Meet the Team

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