Ardán® – Gaelic for ‘platform’, is the parent company that houses our unique businesses and brands that will provide the engine for future growth.

Once Upon a Time

When we set out to build a national underwriter, we made it our mission to simplify and accelerate the process of closing real estate transactions. Consistent with this mission – consistent with our brand – we believe a simplified organizational structure will accelerate our ability to transform the title industry and allow us to continue to bring tech-driven and innovative solutions to agents, partners, lenders, and the real estate industry.

We Grew Something Wonderful

Our innovative ideas are tried, tested, and proven, and we are proud of our track record of incubating new services and offerings for our partners that are based on their needs and the changing demands of the industry. This innovation and commitment to our partners has been the engine for our growth into companies like Westcor®, Westcor International, X1 Analytics®, Grid151® and Ardán Data Services.