MARCH 2024

Welcome to the March edition of the Ardán Underground! Spring has almost sprung, and there are a lot of exciting projects on the horizon for the Marcom Team. Let’s go over some of the things we’ve been working on over the last month.

A Moment With Mary

Our “A Moment With Mary” video series is back on Westcor’s social media accounts! We have new video messages from our CEO that we’ll be sharing in March and April. Check out the first video below and stay tuned for more coming soon.

How We Help Agents Win (March Social Campaign)

On Westcor’s socials this month, we’re focusing on how we help agents win. We have some great content about teamwork planned, and since March Madness is around the corner, we’re having fun with all the sports-themed analogies. Make sure to keep up with all the creative Westcor content.

Scale Your Business with X1 (March Social Campaign)

Now is the time to harness the power of X1 Analytics. For March’s social media campaign, we’re highlighting how customers can scale their businesses efficiently with the help of X1’s lightning-fast data engine. Follow along on LinkedIn to keep up with all the updates.

A New Site for eAgency

eAgency is a great resource for title agents under the Grid151 suite of products. Now, it has a new website! We created and developed an interactive website with everything you need to know about eAgency’s different features. Check it out for yourself at goeagency.com.

Poppin’ Like It’s Hot

Our friend Bubble Ben is officially making his social media debut! Ben has a whole lot of personality, and he’s ready for this next great adventure online. He’s repping the GridBase brand and exploring the modern world like never before. Make your feeds *pop* and start following Bubble Ben on LinkedIn and Instagram now!

LinkedIn: Bubble Ben
Instagram: @bubbleben_gridbase

See the Difference with GridBase (March Social Campaign)

GridBase’s innovative tech makes the order management process more efficient and effective. Throughout March, the brand is focusing on its cool features for a unified order management experience when it comes to title and settlement services. Stop by the GridBase LinkedIn page and follow for more cool posts.

A Conversation With Mary & Roy

Did you know Ardán has a LinkedIn page? We’re excited to start sharing some fun videos there featuring Mary and beloved mentor Roy. Before Roy’s retirement, the two took some time to look back on their partnership and, of course, discuss the famous Royisms. You can check out the first video now!

A Bigger, Better, Bolder Future (March Social Campaign)

AgentHome is all about helping independent title agents create a new path for themselves and their businesses. On social media in March, we’re sharing how the company guides agents out of their comfort zone and into the future. Check out AgentHome on LinkedIn and follow for more.

Meet the Team

Content Takes a Village!

Are you speaking at a conference? Are you out golfing with agents? Are you giving back to the community?

Please take a quick video or a few pictures and send them to us so we can share our story on social media. Let’s show everyone what Ardán is all about! Share any and all pictures that you think represent our community of companies with Jillian Argento at Jillian.Argento@wltic.com so that she can share them with our audience!

Where Can I Find It?

Looking for a logo? A letterhead? A PowerPoint presentation? We’ve got you covered!

Check out the Marcom Resources Vault: https://tinyurl.com/WLTIC-vault

Get the Goods

Did your office just close a big deal and now you want to shout it from the rooftops? Let’s get you a fun social media graphic to share! Do you need signage? Maybe an email graphic? Look no further!

Submit a Creative Request at www.wltic.com/getcreative

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