June 2023

The Marcom Team is back with another edition of the Ardán Underground! We hope you enjoyed last month’s update with the new Ardán community of companies’ twist. We are excited to work with all the Ardán family brands. Let’s review some of the projects we’ve been working on recently and check out what’s coming this summer.

Meet Mimeo!

Westcor has a new print store! Mimeo is our new on-demand, high-quality printing service to help you get your hands on professional Westcor-branded materials quicker than ever before. The current selection of print items includes choices for flyers, brochures, and cards.

The store is open and ready to use, so get to printing! First, you will need to review the instruction guide to register an account through Mimeo. Then, check out the online print store.

Stay tuned for expanded services including more promotional items in the future.

Taking Salesforce by Storm

We joined forces with our Salesforce CRM, Kaley Schaefer, to create email templates that reps can send out through the software. A variety of awesome templates are available for users with Salesforce licenses, including designs for holidays, onboarding, agent anniversaries, and more. Plus, if you have any specific requests or ideas for templates, you can reach out to the Marcom Team for new designs.

To get started, download Kaley’s demo on how to access the templates. You can also watch the demo in the Salesforce Training Library which can be accessed from your Files within Salesforce.

Continuing Education Comes to Margaritaville

Westcor’s Continuing Education Seminars are around the corner, and our team worked on all the fun “Margaritaville” marketing assets to prep for the events in Florida. Plus, our social media manager, Jillian Argento, is gearing up for a workshop on strengthening social media for title businesses at the seminars.

Words of Wisdom from Our Marketing OG

On June 10, Marcom’s very own Susan Green celebrated 10 years with Westcor! Of course, we had to give her a special shoutout on social media and Yammer to mark the momentous occasion. We also shared a special blog post from Susan about the power of branding and marketing for title agents. Take a quick break at your desk and read it now.

Website Launch Coming Soon

The next phase of the X1 rebrand is upon us. The modern, sleek website redesign is almost
complete and ready to go live. Stay tuned for our next update to explore all things X1 and its
innovative technology online.

Standing Out at NS3

Grid151 just got back from NS3 in St. Louis. All eyes were on Grid as they talked shop with the industry pros. The new booth banners are ready to go for their next excursion as the Grid151 team travels to industry conferences around the country.

Get to Know AgentHome

AgentHome is building a network for independent title agents, and we’re working with them to get the word out by boosting their digital marketing. We are creating a plan for their team on social that focuses on their mission and reaching agents. The company is already on LinkedIn, so make sure to follow and be on the lookout for content coming soon.

Meet the Team

Content Takes a Village!

Are you speaking at a conference? Are you out golfing with agents? Are you giving back to the community? Please take a quick video or a few pictures and send them to us so we can share our story on social media. Let’s show everyone what Ardán is all about! Share any and all pictures that you think represent our community of companies with Jillian Argento at Jillian.Argento@wltic.com so that she can share them with our audience!

Where Can I Find It?

Looking for a logo? A letterhead? A PowerPoint presentation? We’ve got you covered! Check out the Marcom Resources Vault: https://tinyurl.com/WLTIC-vault

Get the Goods

Did your office just close a big deal and now you want to shout it from the rooftops? Let’s get you a fun social media graphic to share! Do you need signage? Maybe an email graphic? Look no further!

Submit a Creative Request at www.wltic.com/getcreative

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