Welcome to the first Ardán Underground of 2024! We hope you all had an incredible holiday season and kickoff into the new year. We’re looking forward to doing creative, fun work with all of you in the coming months. Let’s dive into the Marcom Team’s latest recap featuring projects and updates from the last month!


In December, we celebrated Roy Lassiter’s retirement and legacy in the title industry. The Marcom Team had so much fun working on projects preparing for Royapalooza, the event held at the Maitland office in Roy’s honor. From colorful t-shirt designs to top-secret invitations (and even a guest appearance from Snoopy), we were proud to contribute to this incredible celebration. Click here for more fun photos of the event.

A Letter from Mary

We closed out 2023 online with a special blog dedicated to agents and employees, written by our CEO and President. Mary shared some insights about the last year as well as heartfelt thanks to the Westcor family. Have you had the chance to check it out? Take a break at your computer and give it a read.

Movie Mayhem (January Social Campaign)

Who doesn’t love movies with a Westcor twist? We’re bringing back a fan favorite social media campaign for the month of January. We have lots of fun references planned for our posts, so make sure you’re following along for all the cinematic sights on social.

New Year, New Way (January Social Campaign)

X1 Analytics is all about the New Way of the title industry. So for January’s social media campaign, we’re focusing on the benefits X1 can provide customers in the new year. Follow along on LinkedIn to keep up with all things X1.

Grid151 Hits the Skyline

Exciting news! The Grid151 logo is now displayed at the top of their office building in Philadelphia. The new signage took to the skies last week and is such a cool accomplishment for the Grid brand. Congrats to the team!

GridBase in the News

Did you know GridBase has a press page on their website? We have been helping the Grid team share press releases and announcements on their site and linking to them on social media. Stay up to date on Grid’s latest announcements and partnerships by checking out their releases and media mentions.

Bringing Back Ben Franklin

Bubblegum Ben is back for some more fun GridBase branding! This time, he’s featured in a new, alternative booth design to be used at upcoming industry events. Bubblegum Ben brings a creative spin in Grid’s marketing to lenders, so this new design will travel to events suited for that audience.

A Time for Change (January Social Campaign)

AgentHome supports independent title agents who are a ready for a change, and what better time is there than now? For January’s social media campaign, we’re highlighting how change in the new year doesn’t have to be scary for agents and their business with the help of AgentHome. Check out the posts on LinkedIn and follow for more.

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