December 2023

Welcome to the December edition of the Ardán Underground! It’s the Marcom Team’s last update for 2023, and we’re reflecting on some of the projects we’re wrapping up to close out the year. Plus, we’re highlighting the progress we’ve made this year on social media.

Before we get this recap started… From all of us in Marcom to all of you across the Ardán community of companies, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year! We’ll see you in 2024.

Social Media By the Numbers (Y2023)

Let’s dive into our final social analytics update of 2023! We’ve had plenty of Westcor-style fun on social this year, and we love that our audience is having fun with what we’re creating too. These key metrics help the Marcom Team track our combined performance across all Westcor profiles and measure the growth of our digital brand. We saw increases in the overall number of impressions and engagements we earned on our posts compared to 2022. Plus, our Westcor family got bigger as our overall audience increased by over 26%.

Lead Gen and Website Traffic

Our digital marketing strategy has resulted in record breaking numbers for lead generation and website visitors this year. Our social media and email marketing campaigns have created over 165 leads for potential agents, and our website traffic is at 334,000! Our CTA’s have been bringing prospects to our website and they have been filling out the Become an Agent form in droves!

Top Social Posts Blog

Have you checked out our latest blog post yet? Social Media Manager Jillian Argento put together a list of Westcor’s top most-engaging social media posts of 2023. The list is a great way to see what content was most popular online this year! Give it a read and let us know what your favorite posts were from this year.

The Fantastic Westcor Takes TLTI

TLTI took place in Texas last week, and our team worked on some fun promotional pieces that really packed a punch. The theme of the branding focused on superheroes, so we got to highlight the Fantastic Westcor once again and expand the WLTIC comic book universe.

Celebrating the Season (December Social Campaign)

We couldn’t close out the year without having some holiday fun over on social. Of course, we kicked things off with everyone’s favorite elf. 😉 There may be some more holiday movie references to look forward to… Plus, we’re sharing a few “2023 year in review” posts this month, so make sure you’re following along!

Social Media By the Numbers (Y2023)

X1 Analytics is one of the newer Ardán brands we’ve introduced on social media. We jumpstarted their social presence back in the spring, and in eight months’ time, we’ve made some great progress. Check out their analytics for this year. X1 content garnered over 10,000 impressions, which means it was displayed in users’ feeds that number of times. Follow along on LinkedIn to keep up with all things X1.

Social Media By the Numbers (Y2023)

The Grid brands are new on LinkedIn this year as well. Together, Grid151 and GridBase are growing at a consistent rate on the platform. Their combined calculated engagement rate is 10.7%, which is the highest among all the Ardán brands. Make sure to follow both Grid pages on LinkedIn for more updates!

Behind the Grid with Ryan

Last week, we launched “Behind the Grid with Ryan,” a new video series featuring Grid President, Ryan Peterson. He’s giving followers the inside perspective to all things Grid151 and GridBase. Check out the first video and stay tuned for more in this series.

GridBlog is Here

The GridBlog is officially up and running! We kicked things off with the first article from GridBase CTO Kevin Koon-Koon. He reflected on why “GridBase is a Super App,” sharing about the platform’s awesome features. Take some time to check it out and be on the lookout for more blog articles coming very soon!

Coming Soon: Mimeo

Our team is working on a new print store for all things Grid. Mimeo is the on-demand, high-quality printing service we use to help you get your hands on professional Westcor-branded materials. We’re working on a store for the Grid brands, so they can have access to the same services in the near future.

Social Media By the Numbers (Y2023)

AgentHome is another brand that expanded to social this year, so take a look at some of their analytics below. Their first campaign kicked off in June, and the AgentHome audience has grown by 41.7% since then! Check out their posts on LinkedIn and follow for more.

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